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Reltech Solutions offer integrated systems into multiple ERP and manufacturing software packages.

With the collective experience of 35 years in the Auto ID industry, Reltech Solutions offer integrated systems into multiple ERP and manufacturing software packages. Our core focus is in the inventory tracking and management, while always keeping end user simplicity and customer key policies in mind.

Reltech Solutions have created a suite of software applications that cater for various industries ranging from agricultural, logistics, health care, mining, manufacturing and warehousing to name a few. These applications allow our customers to effortlessly manage their inventory throughout their supply chain, internal processes and manufacturing.

ZEUS Evolution Stock Take System

Reduce the time and increase the accuracy of your stock takes by using the ZEUS Evolution Stock Take System. Replacing the old paper and pen method with Android handheld terminals means that your entire stock take is digital. With no more need for manually capturing count sheets into electronic format, you also reduce the amount of staff needed to carry out your stock takes which lowers your costs.

The ZEUS Evolution Stock Take System makes use of Android handheld terminals for the counting of stock. The system caters for both an online, WIFI connected environment and a batch offline environment where no WIFI connection is available. The Android handheld terminals can also be configured to scan a range of different barcode formats and types.
The ZEUS Evolution Stock Take management interface allows management total visibility of their stock takes, with easy colour coded counted values and variance displayed. When your stock take is completed, the ZEUS Evolution Stock Take System creates a Sage Evolution compatible upload file which can be used to update your Sage Evolution accounting system.


  • Compatible with Sage Evolution.
  • Barcode scanning with multiple barcode formats and types.
  • Lot number scanning.
  • Online WIFI and offline batch modes.
  • Easy to use colour coded management overview screen.
  • Cycle count option.
  • Archive previous stock takes for reporting.

KEY Solutions

To complement our suite of applications we supply and maintain a range of Auto ID equipment, including but not limited to barcode printers, data collection devices, handheld scanners and production peripherals. This gives Reltech Solutions an edge in the market, with a holistic approach to inventory management.

Some of the Auto ID brands supported by Reltech Solutions include:

Reltech Industrial Electronics

“The Answer to all your Industrial Electronic Requirements”

Reltech has over 75 years of combined experience in the Industrial Electronics industry.

We offer an incomparable service in maintaining, servicing or upgrading equipment or plants. We can be brought on board to assess and evaluate problems or breakdowns that may be slowing down production time. We offer a full solution from start to finish and complete your requirements over and above your expectations!

A Fully programmable three term control card for all applications where an additional control loop is required.

A fully configurable operational amplifier card with four op-amp circuits which can be used individually or connected together for those odd one-off special applications. Reducing the necessity to generate those special function cards often required.

We are always interested in getting involved with special application requirements you may have. Contact us so we can assist.

Service Capabilities

We offer solutions for the following, but not limited to:

HMI Systems
DC Variable Speed Drives
AC Variable Speed Drives
DC & AC Drive Systems
AC Motor Soft Starters
Controlled Rectifiers
PLC Systems
System Rebuilds & Upgrades

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